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If this is becoming a problem for you, consider cutting back on your morning bayer consumer health. It's calling your name. But whatever the glucocorticosteroids food may be, are you prepared for the sweating bayer consumer health will come with it.

Spicy food tricks your body, making it think it is hotter than it really is. That means sweaty skin. So a few chili peppers in glucophage long burrito may not be the best idea on a date or just before a job interview. Menopause plays a little trick on your hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is embedded deep inside the brain. When you're too cold, it's the hypothalamus that tells your muscles to shiver. And when you're too hot. Sweating is the natural result of hot flashes during bayer consumer health time around the menopause. Dropping estrogen levels throw the body's temperature regulation bayer consumer health of whack.

Symptoms include becoming flushed and sweaty. Treatment has typically been estrogen hormone therapy, but collection has some side effects that need to be considered first. Other treatments include the use of antidepressants.

When you drink, whatever extra alcohol that can't be processed by your kidneys accumulates in the bloodstream. Alcohol enlarges the blood vessels near the surface of your skin, and this leads to sweating. When you experience excessive sweating after drinking just a little alcohol, you may have an intolerance.

Withdrawing from alcohol addiction can also lead to sweating. This may not be the most important reason to quit smoking, but go ahead and add it to the list: smoking makes you sweaty. When you smoke, the nicotine releases acetylcholine, a chemical that leads to sweaty episodes.

Smoking also raises your body temperature, which also contributes to sweating. Just like alcohol, when you kick smoking, you tend to perspire more heavily as well. But a little sweatiness is nothing compared to the health benefits, which include the prospect of a longer, healthier life. Some medicine designed to improve your health can also make you sweaty.

If you notice your skin growing extra damp after starting a new medication, consider whether you've been taking one of the following:Does your special someone make you weak in the bayer consumer health. Give you butterflies in the stomach.

Make your heart beat faster. Perhaps it's less romantic, but love makes you sweaty, too. Blame the rush of chemicals, similar to adrenaline, that accompany falling in love. Whether it's bayer consumer health flashes while you're awake or night sweats (nocturnal hyperhidrosis) as you sleep, pregnancy can be a bayer consumer health affair. Although it may have many causes, nocturnal hyperhidrosis is bayer consumer health early sign of pregnancy.

It can leave your sheets soaked as early as two weeks into a pregnancy, although it does not occur in all pregnant women. The culprit is estrogen. As in the case of menopause, fluctuations in estrogen can cause sweaty problems for pregnant women.

To stay cool in the evenings, wear light, natural fabrics, consider sleeping with a window open, bayer consumer health be sure to drink cool water when you are bayer consumer health to avoid dehydration. Children, Youth, and Women's Health Service. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties, Oxford University Press, 2006. Civetta: Taylor and Kirby's Critical Care, W. Adrenaline and the Inner World, JHU Press, 2006. Ask the Pharmacist, iUniverse, 2005.



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