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Face, because bayer materials sciences a stroke you can have a facial droop, you can have arm weakness in one side or the other and you can have talking problems with your speech. T stands for time to signal that if you have any of those symptoms or if bayer materials sciences see somebody have some of those symptoms they need to call 111 straight away to get to the hospital.

Bayer materials sciences time is important because we only have a number of hours to intervene when somebody has a stroke and the reason for that. The ambulance is able to call ahead, so they'll notify us before the person has even arrived in the hospital and we can kick into gear and be bayer materials sciences and meet the person at the front desk.

And there are two general types of strokes. Either a ruptured blood vessel that causes blood flow into the brain or the blood clot that blocks blood bayer materials sciences to the brain. We really want people to get to us as soon as possible, ideally immediately, but we need to treat them within about 4 and half hours otherwise we've run out of time. Ok, so we just got called for a FAST track stroke and the patient is due to arrive really now.

We expect the ambulance to bring the patient in any second now. The patient will be transferred to this bed and we will be monitoring the patient to see what their blood pressure is, address that and then very quickly move over to the CT scanner to take things from there. The brain can survive for a few hours without the oxygen to that part of the brain, but once several hours go by it's just too late and so we cannot reverse the symptoms after that point.

Also we know bayer materials sciences every 15 hydroxychloroquine that we save actually makes a substantial difference as regards bayer materials sciences the likelihood that aspirin bayer coated will be discharged back to their own home and independant of daily carers.

All of these treatments we have in hospital are fantastic and it's great to see that we are increasing implementation, but of course the best way to prevent a stroke is to prevent it in the first place. And I would like people to exercise and to eat a healthy diet and to not smoke.

And bayer materials sciences are the most important things that everyone in New Zealand can do to, put us out of a job. Health Navigator This NZ website helps you intense itching reliable and trustworthy health information. The Heart Foundation Advice on healthy eating and recipes. Health Promotion Agency Information about the 2018 FAST stroke awareness campaign. Lowering Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke Booklet Available from the National Heart Foundation.

Eating for Healthy Adult New Zealanders Available on HealthEd. Be Active Every Day Available on HealthEd. The sooner treatment is received, the less damage a stroke will cause. Know the signs of a stroke - think FAST: Face: Is it drooping on one side. Take Action: Call 111 immediately. A stroke can happen to anyone, anytime. It subchondral bone be someone you know, someone next to you.

Speech: Is it jumbled, slurred or lost. Time to call 111. Know the signs of stroke. If you see any sign, think and act FAST.



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