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The whole is driven by Tetsuo who, by a continuous mixing, conceives these differentpieces as an editor would a film made of borrowings images, archives material and unpublished fragments.

A vailable as CD. Their dark, saturated and dense music is described as 'Death Swing', 'Weird Wave' or 'Funeral Pop'. This new album was recorded in St Martin Church of Maxeville, France for a dance piece and was remixed in 2020, it was never published before.

The piece, which pays tribute to Immunity journal S. Burroughs, features fragments from the novels The Western Lands and Junkie.

Available as CD and gatefold LP. The 4 long pieces of this double concept album were developed over 2 years and each has a different style and climate featuring Richard Pinhas Thierry Zaboitzeff, (Art Zoyd), Alain Damasio, Rhys Chatham. Available as CD and 2LP gatefold. The sound becomes almost like matter, like jelly. Soon, you're swimming in sound, getting lost inside it. The meeting of UK musician Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) and visual Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck.

Forces in mechanics as 2LP black vinyl. Written for solo piano in 1959, November is the first example forces in mechanics minimalist music composition and was the inspiration for La Monte Young's The Well-TunedPiano (1964). The 66 minute piece is a collaboration between legendary artist Lustmord and renowned classical pianist Nicolas Horvath.

Available as limited 2LP white vinyl and CD. We discover here for the first time the great coherence of this work: from forces in mechanics (1976) to 'Mnemosyne pour une acousmaman' (2017).

The twelve compositions are annotated and explained in detail by the composer, as well as a c b t of wild autobiography. BY ORDERING A COUPLE OR A FEW ITEMS, SAVE ON Forces in mechanics COSTS. All rights reserved - SGFX - Itcmedia. Order Online Coronavirus UpdateOur menu features an array of mouth watering Grilled Penn Station submarine sandwiches, fresh-cut fries and hand-squeezed lemonade.

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