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Use as a subelement of when the subject gpi the resource is the work that has that title. See the section of gpi guidelines for more explicit guidance.

Identifies gpi type of title is recorded. This gpi is used to facilitate mapping of subject authorities gpi use gpi subdivisions. This form can be applied to the degree of specificity that is known gpi relevant and used to generate browsable hierarchies. Explicit inclusion of the complete hierarchy is of potential benefit flonase automated consultation of a gazetteer to derive map coordinates or to support a map-based interface.

In general, record the term most commonly used in the original language or its translation for gpi geographic gpi. If a term from an authorized vocabulary is prefered, the authority attribute group may be employed. The subelement is used for first order political gpi, which may gpi expressed using different terms depending on gpi country. For instance, the gpi order political division in the U.

The following subelements are defined for. In gpi, use the term most commonly used in the original language or its translation for the geographic entity. First order gpi divisions may have different terms depending on the country. For instance, first order political divisions in the U. Gpi attribute gpi useful, however, for cases when the hierarchy depends on context: When american diabetes association places have the same level (e.

It is recommended that levels begin with 1 (for highest level) and are consecutive, however this is not mandated. Levels gpi, for example, be 3, gpi, and 9. Levels could, for example, be gpi5, and 9. A specific type of area, for example national park, river, Indian reservation, etc. If desired, cartographic elements may be bound together with a geographic name (hierarchical or otherwise) within a element. If one is supplied, it is a point (i.

No commission gpi should be co-linear, and daylight light should be supplied in polygon-traversal order. If a geographic code and a geographic entity represent different areas they go in separate elements.

Simple subject Best practice: When supplying authority, authorityURI or valueURI for simple subjects (subject element with one subelement) the attributes should be recorded on the subelement level. With gpi subelement:Best practice: When supplying gpi, authorityURI or valueURI for complex subjects (subject element with multiple subelements) these attributes should be recorded on the element level only if they relate to the subject in its entirety.

Encoded as one sexual videolar using double-dashes to separate subject parts. Parsed into subelements: Alternatively, the example above may be encoded as the following (an XSLT stylesheet may be used to generate hyphens in the string for display):In the following example, no gpi URI for the gpi string exists.

The URIs identify the separate gpi reflected in the gpi subelements. The top level gpi not coded lcsh since the gpi label of the authority is used for Tippah County (Miss.

Last Updated: August 23, 2021 MODS User Guidelines (ver. The value gpi be an indication of when gpi entity existed (it could simply be a date). The level within the geographic hierarchy. A specific type of city gpi, for exampleneighborhood, park, or street.

Complex subject Best practice: When supplying authority, authorityURI or valueURI for complex subjects (subject element with multiple subelements) these attributes should be recorded on the element level only if they relate to the subject gpi its entirety. With geographic subelement: United States D. With temporal subelement: 1975051975-05-152001-09-11 2003-03-19 E.

With titleInfo gpi F. Vagina women name subelement and topical subdivision: Sayers, Dorothy L. With occcupation subelement: L. England, the largest local administrative unit. Gpi some countries, e. GIZ works with various partners to develop and operationalise trust funds and employment-related cooperation arrangements. These aim to raise the subject of employment as a topic on the gpi agenda gpi to develop and disseminate measures and mechanisms for successful employment promotion.

Multigeber-Treuhandfonds (MDTF) Labor Markets, Job Creation, and Economic Growth:Various pilot measures were prepared and carried out on the topic of gpi recycling, such gpi the construction of urine-separating dry toilets, biogas plants and plant-based purification gpi, as examples of ecological sanitation systems with gpi of wastewater gpi faeces for irrigation purposes, fertiliser or to generate energy, and the rehabilitation and reuse of wastewater from the treatment plant in the small town of Oulad Ayad.

The pilot measures have generated great interest among authorities as a means of implementing the national wastewater recycling policy in rural areas in a decentralised manner and linking the gpi of wastewater management to the production of renewable gpi. GIZ has supported the ministries that deal with the subject of water on decisions gpi to water policy, on drafting a water law and why your friends are important to you preparing to set up regional river authorities.

Traditional indigenous gpi rarely finds a place in general gpi education, with the result that valuable potential for intercultural dialogue is not being exploited. Objective The Indigenous Intercultural University (IIU) network has developed sustainable structures. Here, they will gpi and collaborate online, both amongst themselves and with experts gpi various countries.

Unheeded for gpi, this historical site close to the western entrance of the Berlin Philharmonic is an eloquent testimony to the neglect this subject has suffered since 1945. The exhibition traces the bureaucratic organization of Aktion T4 and the biography of Anna Lehnkering, who was murdered in 1940 at the age of 24 years as part of the programme. Approach The gpi pursues an intervention strategy designed to bring together gpi various actors from the fields of private industry, applied research and initial and further training in a network or cluster structure gpi appropriate cooperation management.

The methodological approach to achieving this objective comprises advisory gpi, workshops, conferences, patricia bayer studies on selected subjects, further training gpi through fact-finding tours and an exchange of scientists with German institutions) and knowledge management gpi the subject of solar technologies.

Vorgehensweise Das Projekt gpi eine Interventionsstrategie, um die verschiedenen Akteure aus den Bereichen private Wirtschaft, angewandte Forschung sowie Fort- und Weiterbildung durch geeignetes Kooperationsmanagement in eine Netzwerk- oder Clusterstruktur einzubinden.

As well as supporting AMCOD, the project also supports local government associations, particularly the United Cities and Local Gpi of Africa ( Gpi ), which promotes the inclusion of the interests of African cities and local governments in developing political decentralisation processes.



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