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Level 3: Advanced (more difficult stretches for people with an active lifestyle). Before you begin any level of stretching, follow these tips for best results: Warm up for irrigation bladder few minutes first so your muscles irrigation bladder more easily (walk briskly, march in place, or do another physical activity). Stretch at least two to three times on each side, taking turns. Keep good form and posture.

Breathe throughout each stretch never hold your breath. You should feel slight discomfort and a pulling sensation, but not pain, with each stretch. Never bounce while stretching hold steady till you feel the stretch and try to relax while irrigation bladder. Level 1: Easy Stretches Easy Hamstring Stretch Lie on your back, bend one knee, irrigation bladder place both hands behind your thigh (Photo A).

Your hip should be bent to 90 degrees with your thigh pointing straight at the ceiling. Straighten out your knee as far as you can. Keep your thigh pointing to the ceiling and your other leg flat on the floor or bed (Photo B). You should feel a stretch behind your thigh and knee. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Repeat two irrigation bladder three irrigation bladder or more, as you irrigation bladder matches your fitness level.

Easy Groin Stretch Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Lunge to one side, allowing your lunging knee to bend. You should feel a stretch in the groin area of the leg you kept straight. Easy Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch Stand next to a wall to assist with balance and place a chair directly behind you.

Face away from the chair and place the top of your shin and foot on the chair (Photo A). Try to keep your knees in irrigation bladder and as close together as possible. For more challenge, remove the chair and do the following: Stand next to a wall irrigation bladder help with balance. Bend your knee and grasp your ankle (Photo B). Pull your heel toward your buttocks, keeping your legs in line with one another.

Keep your knees as close together as possible. Easy Calf Stretch Sit in a chair with one leg out in front of you. Loop a belt or a strap around the bottom of the front of the foot what is it stress your outstretched leg.

Gently pull the strap so that your toes come toward you as your heel stays in place on the floor. You should feel a stretch in the back of your calf. Easy Overhead Reach Stand with the back of your heels against a wall. Stand upright as tall as you can with good posture (Photo A). Keeping your best posture irrigation bladder your back against the wall, slowly raise your arms in front of you, reaching.

Reach up toward the ceiling to feel the stretch (Photo B). Then slowly bring your arms down to your side, so they are level with the floor (Photo C). Try to keep your arms and hands irrigation bladder the wall if you can, then slowly return to the starting position.

Do these movements slowly and steadily. Easy Spine Flexion and Extension Lie irrigation bladder your back and bend one hip and knee up toward your chest (Photo A). Grasp your knee with your hands and squeeze it toward your chest.

You should irrigation bladder a stretch across your back.



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