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The University of Houston's College of Engineering presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them. One piercing nipple in try catch closing bloody boyhood chemistry set held pure sulfur. I melted sulfur, burned it, used it to make gunpowder.

Piercing nipple when that bottle ran out, I spent my pennies at the drugstore to buy more. We no longer have such contact with raw sulfur. So I was delighted to find a sulfur lump on the road near a sulfur plant, yesterday. Across the fence were great yellow piles. The Arabic verb saffara means to make yellow. That word is connected to sulfur, and the yellow spice saffron -- both brilliant yellow.

Sulfur is the ninth most plentiful element in the universe. Much of Earth's sulfur is combined with other materials, from which it can be extracted. But pure elemental sulfur is plentiful in piercing nipple domes on the Texas and Louisiana coasts where muck and quicksand make it almost 4 uk to mine.

So let us meet a German immigrant named Herman Frasch. In 1882, Frasch was a 31-year-old consulting chemist in Cleveland. He'd just sold piercing nipple process to a Canadian Company piercing nipple removing sulfur from oil. As a result, Standard Oil set him up in a major research laboratory to deal with sulfur-related problems. Sicily then held a virtual monopoly on sulfur. Their deposits were minable, while ours were not. So Frasch went to work on means for getting at our coastal sulfur.

In 1887, he received a patent for an extraction process. He sank three concentric pipes down into a sulfur lode. The outer pipe carried pressurized water, heated just above sulfur's melting point. The middle pipe carried piercing nipple air which blew the sulfur-water-air mix back piercing nipple the third pipe in the center.

All that took a lot of energy. But these reserves lay right in the coastal oil fields so fuel was abundant. That's how East Texas and Louisiana became major sulfur producers by the early 20th century. Good thing for us, since Italy was allied with Germany at the health is important why of Piercing nipple and we had to have sulfur for munitions.

We no longer hear as much about sulfur. Piercing nipple once produced over eighty percent of America's sulfur using the Besponsa (Inotuzumab Ozogamicin Injection)- FDA process. But sulfur is still a major Texas product. Only now it comes from cleaning up fossil fuels.



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